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Advice about your work rights is only a call away!


Common Problems

Have you been fired
unfairly, without proper process or based on discrimination?

Disciplinary Meetings

If your employer has alleged misconduct, they must follow a robust process

There are important steps that need to be taken for a lawful trial.

If your employer proposes a restructure or redundancy, it needs to be a genuine process!

Workplace bullying is repeated, unreasonable behaviour. What does this look like?

If your employer has made work untenable, then you may be being constructively dismissed

Sometimes if the relationship breaks down and you need to exit on your own terms

Employment Law protects you from discrimination and adverse actions


About Us

Don't worry Queensland, you are only one free call away from all the support you'll need to tackle any employment law problem you have. If calling isn't your thing fill out our form.

We have a team of employment experts in Queensland ready to help you right now. In most cases, we only charge a fee if we are successful. We work this way because we believe in fairness and access to justice. 

It may seem impossible to stand up for your rights. However, with the team at My Work Rights supporting you, you'll be surprised at what can be achieved.

Any doubts? Contact us. There's nothing to lose.


What our clients say

It was reassuring having Paul represent my case and fight for the desired outcome I had hoped for. 

J* (name changed)
Unfair dismissal

I cannot speak highly enough of Paul and the service he rendered to me! I would have been lost without his help!

D* (name changed)
Workplace bullying

What an exceptional service I received. I highly recommend to anyone out their being unjustly dismissed

N* (name changed)
Unfair dismissal

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