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Trial and Probation Periods

Employers can put your on a trial or probation period, so long as you know about before your start, its included in the employment agreement and they provide you with adequate feedback and support during the trial period. 


In  Queensland, the maximum length of a trial period for a small business employer (with fewer than 15 employees) is 6 months. For other employers, the maximum length of a trial period is 12 months. This does not apply to casual employees who are not subject to a trial under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).

During this period, your employer may terminate you employment without notice or reason, and you may resign without notice. However, any termination during the trial period must not breach any other applicable laws, such as anti-discrimination laws.

If you have been dismissed under the trial period, and you think its unfair then act now! There is a strict 21-day time limit for making an unfair dismissal claim. 
probation and trial periods
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