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Disciplinary Meetings

Here are just a few really important things to consider beforehand:

  • DO get advice before you attend the disciplinary meeting or investigation meeting. We also strongly urge you to take an employment advocate or lawyer with you to the meeting.

  • DO get hold of all the right information and prepare your responses before the meeting.

  • DON’T take the process too lightly. Many people think that what their employer is accusing them of isn’t that bad and get a nasty shock when they are dismissed for it.


Your employer should have given you a letter to invite you to a disciplinary meeting or investigation meeting. In this letter they should have told you that you have the right to bring a support person or legal representative. This can include an employment advocate or lawyer. The employer should also have told you precisely what the allegations against you are. They should also have told you what the worst outcome could be for you. In other words, could you be given a warning or might it mean being dismissed?


If you have been called to a disciplinary meeting, or an investigation meeting, call us urgently for a free 10 minute phone consultation.


We can arrange an employment advocate to attend the meeting in support of you either by phone or in person.

disciplinary meetings
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